Discounts and dockets…

Everybody loves a bargain. Others gravitate to anything that is a free gift.

Discount dockets and free offers are a proven lure the unsuspecting public,  like bees attracted to  a sticky honey pot. – “Gotcha!” would be a very apt exclamation at this point. – Just what the retailer wanted!

What people fail to realise is – that there isn’t any such thing as a “free lunch.” – Ultimately, someone has to pay!

I f only people would stop to think just how discounts and dockets control their choices of what they’d really like to buy. – The fact is, that it’s the retailer that is getting them to buy just what the retailer wants them to buy.  –  It’s just amazing how many people will only consider buying  something only if it’s on special or because it’s cheap!

The market is full of rubbish which is sold off with the discount already factored into the price. – Which in turn,  ends up in someone’s shopping bag.  – Someone who really didn’t want or intend to buy the product in the first place.

–  If they were honest with themselves and really thought about what they were buying, they would have preferred to spend their money on another quality item of their choice.

The public doesn’t realise this –  but it has been gradually conditioned and psychologically brainwashed to buy anything that has a red discount ticket on it! – Like it or not!

–  If only they’d stop and think about this fact and buy something that could be considered as true value for money – not because it is cheap! – After all, if you pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys.

Mothers buy cheap imported starchy foods to fill up their shopping baskets, which in turn get fed to their children instead of fresh and nutritious foods which they could have spent the extra money on. – Youngsters buy anything that is cheap, plastic and trendy and of no intrinsic value, just because they have seen it on TV and true to form , they tire of it soon afterwards.

Cheap goods have flooded the western market which in turn compete against the home country’s quality products produced by its long established companies that pay a fair working wages to their workers. –  Many companies have been forced to close their doors because of this trend, people lose their jobs and then wonder why!

If only people would be prepared to spend a little extra to buy quality goods and support their home country’s farmers and manufacturing companies.

It goes without saying that we’d definitely  have a better choice of products  on the supermarket shelves and in turn ,the purchasing of these products would also support the jobs of workers employed by these companies and on the farms. –  Far better to a spend a little more on our home grown products than donating money to a charity in order to support someone who unfortunately has found themselves out on the street, without a job to support their families and the hope of finding more work in the same industry  because they’ve been made redundant!

Think about it!

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