In sickness and in health.

These are words that are usually said whilst a couple take their vows when they get married.  – But actually,  when we really think about these two words of sickness and in health they generally don’t hit us with the full sense of their meaning until we ourselves get sick,  or someone very close to us does.  – Whilst we’re happy and healthy, we don’t give it a second thought.

Sickness can be very debilitating, particularly if it ‘s something serious like cancer or multible sclerosis….many of us have had friends or relatives that have suffered with these challenging illnesses. Unfortunately, a lot of other people use the word sickness a lot more lightly. Often, it’s just an excuse to take a “sicky” off from work or get some attention. But to me, when sickness comes into play for real, it goes hand in hand with some other words. Caring for one and selfless dedication for another.

One has to admire the friends and relatives, along with all the doctors, nurses and above all, the selfless volunteers who dedicate their time and sometimes a lifetime looking after the sick and helpless.

I do anyway. They are worth their weight in gold!


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One Response to In sickness and in health.

  1. rockmad says:

    So good to see you blogging again 🙂


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