Picking and choosing….

              Ten to one, if you’re different you’ll be noticed and picked out and picked on throughout your life.
This goes for the black sheep of the family, the bright or dumb one in a class. – Whether you are fat, thin, ugly or beautiful. From a different culture with a different coloured skin or dressed in rags and come off the street. – All will suffer from deviating from the norm.
You can be sure, that if you noticed you will be picked upon. – More is expected from you somehow.
If you are the black sheep of the family, you will be expected to conform, otherwise you will be considered defiant or odd in some way.
To be bright in class doesn’t mean everybody wants to be your friend, often you’re  considered as a " smarty pants" or if you’re male, a nerd. – Neither terminology is endearing.
Fat kids are picked out and taunted unmercifully and skinny kids often bullied and considered weaklings. These attributes don’t put you in the running for having a multitude of friends either.
If you’re ugly often you become the subject or critical eyes and unkind name calling.  – Somehow, your uglines makes people feel better about themselves.
If you’re beautiful you will be the cause of envy and often will be torn to shreads in more ways than one, often emotionally.
But one thing is for sure, different people succeed where others don’t. For they learn to depend on themselves and make it on their own throughout life. -Fortunately , they have a head start because they possess that point of difference that can be picked out from afar.
Black sheep venture where other mere mortals fear to tread.  Bright kids graduate and make their way in the world. Dumb kids always try harder and often overtake the other kids by sheer tenacity, determination and perserverence..
The fat people carry their load with a smile and often develop delightful, funny and entertaining personalities. They’re survivors. They do it with kindness and with humour. – Have you ever noticed that  fatter people have lovely complexions and kind faces? –  I have.
Ugly ducklings, develop into beautiful swans and the beautiful retain their gift without the need to ever feel  bitter and envious of others. For this reason their nature is gentle and often compliments their beauty. – But beware, keep the wolves at bay for they see these beautiful people as prey.
I’ve also noticed that people from other cultures or sporting different coloured skin have extremely open minds, are generous with their hospitality  and embrace and place a high value on friendships made within their adopted lands. – Why can’t more people be like this?
Street kids become entrepreneurs, famous comedians, writers or teachers for they’ve learnt to fight their way from the bottom up and can see they world from a different perspective and make the most of opportunity when it presents itself.
Ah, picking and choosing. – All is vanity.
– Dare to be different and you can be sure you will be chosen! 
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