Wear and tear….

                How many of us have a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes, most of which we shall never wear? – Most of us do, I’m sure!Isn’t it true, that we all tend to have those few items of clothing that we wear more often than anything else?

They generally fit, feel comfortable, look good, go anywhere, can be dressed up or dressed down, can wash and wear and seem to last forever. – The truth is, we could probably discard most of our other clothes because we’ll never wear them.

In fact,  I think we’d find that this sort of thing is also true of most other aspects in our lives as well.

We are surrounded with so much – and yet we gravitate towards those few things that make us feel comfortable and unencumbered.

After all, there’s a certain sense of freedom that goes with having less.

We meet so many people throughout our lives, make so many friends along the way – but where are most of them now?

If we were to be honest, we’ve moved on. We tend to stay with a few select  people with whom we feel comfortable. They seem fit into our lifestyle and we prefer to be in their company most times. – We really don’t care so much for the relationships that we have to bring out from the mothballs every now and again. – For they’re often formal and although nice and polite can also be hard work.

We are taught so many things – but if the truth be known, we’re really only interested in a few things.

We have our hobbies, the sports we prefer and the subjects we like to talk about. The rest we file away tidily in our subconscious and there it stays unless an occasion arises that that knowledge needs to be called upon. Rather like an evening suit or black bow tie that we keep at the back of the wardrobe.

– Other things we forget completely.

Less is more, good things withstand the wear and tear. Not just clothing – but also friendships and relationships. They can be dressed up and they can be dressed down. – They can go anywhere and seem to have been around forever. They make us feel comfortable and never encumbered.

They may be beautiful but they may even be old and tattered – but they allow us to feel free!

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2 Responses to Wear and tear….

  1. lindawhit says:

    Great blog, Jean, and so true. When we went away to UK for last year, I moved all our extra clothing out into the garage. We have been back for three months and most of the items are still out there!! (Probably will stay there now too!) The same with friends. (No, they are not stored out in the garage!!) My three best friends are still my old UK school friends.


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