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For richer , for poorer……

       Have you ever watched urchins play in the street, pants hanging down near their crotch, scuffed shoes without laces, dirty noses, complete with grubby faces and wide toothy grins and laughter that could brighten and melt the chill of … Continue reading

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That old, old feeling…….

                                 Have you been overcome by a feeling or reaction that has happened when least expected? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does – wham! As we grow, so … Continue reading

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Death, divorce and distance….

I was once told by a clairvoyant that these three things showed up in the charts of myself and two close female members of my family, something to do with the similarity of our numerology and other indications. Somehow, we … Continue reading

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Talking about YouTube – Wiyathul Live

Melody from the depth of the Australian soul- the spirit speaks from a language almost lost but touches the senses with music… YouTube – Wiyathul Live

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