Temper, temper…..

                 Well, I guess we all have one – I have, I know!
I stick up for my rights and putt’em up if I have to.
– I say what I mean, and mean what I say.
I’ve decorated dining rooms walls with jelly, peaches and cream, slammed doors and thrown ladles. ‘ Given someone a "four-penny one!" and ducked to miss a frying pan with sausages. 
I know how to use choice words – which I aim accurately at people’s particular sensitivities. – The list goes on.
However, fortunately, it has not been often.
I really have to be pushed to the edge. – I hate being angry and get angry at myself for getting angry. – It’s not a good look when one would really prefer to be calm and refined!
However, I’m a pussy cat in comparison to some people’s temper. 
Some people can really demonstate a temper with flare…
I’ve seen someone punch in a bedroom mirror because he couldn’t find his sock – and a wife take an axe from under her bed.
I’ve seen brand new yellow toasters stomped to death and watched as a dangerous road rage thug and driver’s mouth was given instant "air-conditioning" – by having his front teeth punched in by another driver. 
I’ve seen bright red ripe water melons splattered across a kitchen table in a kaleidoscope design . – Unfortunately, no one in that house got dessert that night !
I also remember a troublesome night club bully being asked to leave by the manager – and as the bully reluctantly left,  he taunted the manager by saying that the last time someone had done that to him , " He had, had to,  bring a coffin with him ! "  – So that’s when the manager  " laid him out cold for the viewing ! "
I’ve seen chefs’ throw knives in up-market hotel kitchens and cups thrown by waitresses. Glasses of wine splashed in faces and a packet of butter well aimed!
Who needs to go to the cinema to see an action movie?  
– I’ve seen it live!
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