Live and learn….life’s lessons

             If we don’t, then we are bound to repeat our mistakes.
I have, often !
However, there is a right time for everything and that includes learning and what we learn.
Children have to be taught at their level and everybody’s capacity for learning, young or old,  is different.
Some of us are slow learners, others soak up knowledge like a sponge.
Some people have brilliant minds but lack application in their daily lives.
Others are very knowledgable but are unwilling or unable to impart their knowledge in order to teach others.
Some of us have the answers but are too frightened to put up our hand and miss out on the good marks or opportunity.
So that means,  we also have to learn to be prepared to take the risk and be wrong sometimes. – It’s not a crime !
Perpectives will always differ from each and everyone’s experience.
In that case,  we also have to learn and accept that people feel differently about things.
No one need feel obliged to become a clone of someone else. – Or guilty because they think they’ve got it wrong!
Learning should always be a joy because we become better people for it.
However, becoming apathetic just because we can’t be bothered – shows lack of tolerance and feeling – another lesson to be learned.
One must have substance,  otherwise we’d be empty and drab human beings – devoid of sentiment and emotion..
Hard lessons should not make us bitter – but give us better understanding and prepare us for better times instead !
Live and let live – that’s a lesson in itself . – We"d be able to laugh a lot more – and we should do – particularly at ourselves.
( After we’ve laughed at everybody else – of course!).
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