It’s election time again. – Who do we vote for ?
Isn’t it amazing that we have to vote for people, we really don’t know, to make decisions for us ?
But that’s the way it’s been since the year dot and from when we lived in tribes.- Only at that time,  the leader was chosen because of his strength, battle or hunting skills.
– Has much really changed since then ?
Now of course , to be a leader , one has to be fairly knowledgable, understand the law, know a few people and enjoy spending other people’s money.
Politicians unlike the leaders of the olden day tribes who fought their own battles,  now send soldiers to fight the wars further afield and if possible bring home the bacon for the country! – Only it’s not always that way, they bring home the dead instead. – Young men in body bags.   – Years ago, soldiers were left where they were slain.
Today we are supposed to live in a more civilised society.
In Australia we are obliged to vote. – Do our duty and participate in the selection of our government.
Campaigns are organised and promises made – not all of which come to fruition.  Ultimately,  we are always left with the two sureties in life. –  Death and taxes.
In fact, few politicians live up to the test of time, very few are left unscathed from internal politics. Would be leaders,  like the olden times are cut down and left to lie where they fall.
Democracy – the rights of the people, freedom of speech, choice and all that it means.
– A promise of a fair go and all we could wish for.  
– There are  no guarantees of course – because life ain’t that easy !
It’s work,  play the game,  pay your way – or die !
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