Everybody looks for a meaning in their lives.
Most of us aspire to some sort of achievement or riches. Others look for beauty or  further afar because they’re bored or  think they have something lacking in their lives.
But surprisingly, sometimes we don’t see the woods for the trees.
– We look – but we do not see.
Often we have everything within reach, right in front of our eyes.
There’s beauty and points of interest to be found in anything and everything.
Some of the people we already know are better than a lot of people we may meet in the future. They have hidden talents, some special qualities and possess a beauty all of their own.
Some of our ordinary friends and relatives can be quite extraordinary in their own way – and our pets are always loyal.
We wake up every morning to a brand new day and we find nature has everything laid on and we didn’t have to arrange a thing. 
The trees are green and flowers abound. Wild life scurries by or flutters before our eyes. The sky is sometimes bright blue and the sunshine warms our skin.
Othertimes, it’s raining – and crystal raindrops run down our window-panes  whilst refreshing and  quenching the earth.
Problems come and problems go. 
– So does money, as do people.
New friends come from the most unexpected sources,  as do words of wisdom and kindness. – Always at the right time.
With or without a job – there’s always work to do and a reason for it.
Divine providence – it’s real you know !
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One Response to Searching……

  1. Jess says:

    I really liked this one!  Especially the verse that starts with "We wake up every morning to a brand new day….."  I Like it so much I have cut and pasted it and put it up infront of me………. XXXXX


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