Big bullies.

                                 As a little kid, I suffered terribly from playground bullying. – I’ve  hated bullies ever since.
I actually gave the kid back what he deserved one day, which  resulted in a bloody nose and grazed chin . – All in self defence of course!
However, true to form , I was summoned into the headmistress’s office and given a severe slap across the inside of my wrist with a ruler half a dozen times.
Tears just streamed down my face at the injustice of it all. – The bully had been punching me for months in the playground, no blood to show for it though!
My mother offering me sympathy and understanding, gave me strict instructions that if anybody should hit me, I should hit them back – which I duly did.
– As it turned out , I was damned if I didn’t and damned if I did.
However, I’m all grown up now and I’m well aware that bullies still exist. – Unfortunately, they are a  part of our everyday lives.
Some people have husbands or wives that are bullies. Some parents have children that are unmitigated bullies if they don’t get their own way.
There are bullies found in the work place. The military, police force , government and in schools.
One thing is for sure, bullies get away with almost everything they do because most mature people don’t want to get involved with them. They keep their distance – because the law is not always on their side!
I myself, detach myself from bullies or withdraw from them completely. – It’s very unlikely that I would give them the time of day or deal with them in the future.
We should all realise when we should give certain relationships the chop!
Bullies, I’ve  found are generally what I’d call "wannabes." – They need to be in control. If they don’t get their own way, they lash out or feel they get the upper hand by being unpleasant.
They need to learn.  Kindness and consideration for others is just as important as trying to be in charge.
"How to win friends and influence people." – Well, that takes some know how  – and it’s not by kicking somebody in the head!
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