Gifts and giving….

                                                     Gifts come in many forms.
Some gifts are presents that are given to us by other people.
Other gifts we are born with.
We can be born with good looks or a sportive physique. We could be born with a special  talent.
We could have the gift of music in our veins. Possess a good voice, be able to sing, compose or play music.
Otherwise,  we could have a quick thinking brain and become a brilliant scholar or scientist.
Whatever, the gift, they all have one thing in common – they need to be appreciated to be of any value!
The act of giving is much the same.
I’m one of those people who enjoy giving,  just as much as receiving.
However, I have found that when my action of giving has not been appreciated – my joy is dampened somewhat. 
–  It’s rather like throwing pearls before swine!
Appreciation in itself is also a gift –  but I think that it something that has to come from within a person.
It doesn’t always come spontaneously from the heart. Some people are unwilling to value a gift –  in as much that it is expected. –  Neither are they able to value an act of kindness.
For someone to be a appreciative, they have to have the ability to share in being happy . They also need to have a certain depth of  insight to be able to place a value on the generosity of someone else.  – By being  grateful or gracious in sentiment.
You will find that appreciativeness will not come from a selfish person because to be appreciative,  one needs to reciprocate.
We all have heard of the words " Give and take! " 
– They are often applied to being absolutely essential  to build  any successful relationship.  –  Be it within a marriage, business partnership  or to form a friendship.
However, be assured of this – we can all go through the motions. 
– We can give and take  – but unless these things are truly given from the heart and appreciated in return.
They are absolutely valueless!
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