Pussycat, pussycat , where have you been?  – You may well ask, but a cat is never  going to tell you….
I love their sleek elegance, their independent air – They take everything in their stride – eyes alert and confident of their self sufficiency, they know their territory and they claim it!
– Somehow they always know where to find warmth and comfort, they can always find some soft clean linen that’s been freshly laundered .-  Stretch out, yawn and lie down – and go to sleep in the warmth of the sun. – They never feel guilty!-  No need to explain – and don’t complain!
No need to buy a fur coat, they have one – the servants in the house will always prepare a meal for them. – But a cat is very polite, they will always clean up after eating. –  Naturally, they deserve a pat on the back for that! 
 – Everything comes to those who wait – or those who know how to get what they want!
They unashamedly, rollover, whenever required – it doesn’t matter on who’s bed! – Caresses and tickles are to be expected and they are always willing to stay the night!
They drink milk for breakfast and are all ready for the day – a walk in the garden first thing – is always nice!  – Looking at the birds to pass the time !
Who  would  want dog’s life ?  –  Cats have it made ! 
Some of us wouldn’t mind a life like that !
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